The Voice endorses Joyce and Lovejoy

The Georgetown Voice ed board has endorsed Charlie Joyce (COL ’12) and Paige Lovejoy (SFS ’12) for President and Vice President of the Georgetown University Student Association. Read the editorial here.

18 Comments on “The Voice endorses Joyce and Lovejoy

  1. Kindof a weak editorial. Respect the Voice for making a choice, but come up with some less specious evidence of support next time.

  2. Very clear and strong rationale for supporting Joyce-Lovejoy – good piece.

    The Voice thinks you should vote Joyce-Lovejoy. The Hoya thinks you should vote Joyce-Lovejoy. One of two things is going on here: this whole thing is rigged or voting for Joyce-Lovejoy really is in the best interest of the Georgetown community…hmmm…I wonder which it is….

  3. 1. Feiman-Sims
    2. Write-In: Chicken Madness

  4. @Remember that time…:

    Feiman-Sims is fulfilling the role previously played by Chicken Madness in previous elections.

    (No disrespect to Feiman-Sims. They’re my second choice. But the type of people previously voting chicken madness are now voting Feiman-Sims. Which I suppose they would tell you is a good thing.)

  5. editorial support aside, joyce-lovejoy have run a campaign focusing on the issues. i was kind of annoyed at the factor-pickens/most interesting man and the feiman-sims rap videos because they had pretty much nothing to do with the issues (ok feiman-sims kind of mentioned some things, but if i want to see tate tucker in a video, i’ll do that. i’m looking to find out which candidate i like best, so they should probably be IN the video…). whatever, just saying. i think joyce-lovejoy would try to do whats best for us.

  6. nothing wrong with having both a sense of humor and a formidable work ethic with substantial ideas! Feiman/Sims!

  7. If anyone else were better for this job than Joyce-Lovejoy, then certainly ONE of the student newspapers/groups would have figured it out, right? Right.

    Joyce-Lovejoy, for all the reasons enumerated in the Hoya and the Voice.

  8. not to get argumentative, MK, but as many people have pointed out, how are the ideas sustainable when the VP on the feiman-sims ticket will presumably have his plate full with commitments to the basketball team? seems like it’s just a vanity ticket. also, if they make the SAC fund allocation process any longer, what will they actually accomplish in their 1-year term? i feel like they should’ve spent more time in preparing for their campaign by sorting out proposed solutions to the budgetary issues they mention, rather than just pointing out that said issues exist. whoever wins, we want people who can actually execute ideas, not just point out problems.

  9. If you’re not voting for Feiman/Sims, I probably wouldn’t care for you as a person.

  10. If you are voting for Feiman/Sims, you’re not taking your school (or your vote) seriously. Feiman is a great guy, no doubt about that but Chicken Madness will get more done in GUSA. I’m not “for” anyone but I don’t think this stunt that Feiman is pulling (especially misleading people about spending the 3.4M) is cool or funny…actually, yeah, it’s funny. But definitely not cool.

  11. No, no seriously. Feiman-Sims is legitimately the best choice. The sooner Georgetown students stop addressing one another as “Senator” and making motions and taking votes on whether or not they should have more of a social aspect to their organization… the better. Have some fun with it. I think you’re more likely to get that from Feiman and Sims than anyone I’ve seen since I’ve been here.

    And the Chicken Madness is delicious.

  12. Last year, Eric Cusimano was a Gusa Senator. If you didn’t know Eric, (now graduated) he was that male cheerleader that was really into Gtown sports. Great guy. BUT he was a terrible senator. He was reprimanded by the senate on multiple occasions because he NEVER showed up to meetings. His excuse was alwayys “but im a cheerleader, I have to travel with the basketball team”

    Well, Feiman-Sims voters, you are trying to take this situation and make it 10 times worse. Henry (also a great guy) DOES NOT THAVE THE TIME TO SERVE IN GUSA. This isn’t the type of job where you make decisions and order people around. If the executive wants to get anything done, they have to do it themselves. Do you honestly think Henry Sims is going to request a meeting with Todd Olson about COde of Conduct reform? Will he sit down with SAC leaders and work with them on bettering their convoluted funding process? Will he talk to students about their issues and try to work with his cabinet to come up with creative solutions?

    OF COUSRE HE WON”T. He’s a really good guy. Seriously. But he does not have the time to do anything productive in GUSA. Please resist the urge to make a mockery of Georgetown. Don’t vote for Feinman-Sims.

  13. oh @your mom…have you no basic understanding of political systems, both large and small? there must be processes applied or the system fails. if, in your mind, the main issue facing the school is eradicating the use of formal addresses and votes, then it sounds like what we really need is an anarchist to come in and wipe the whole thing out. fun is great for kids, but like it or not we’re all technically adults. and this adult just wants some more dops officers present during a latenight walk home from lau so as not to get mugged. again.

  14. SIDENOTE: can we please talk about how henry’s stepfather’s last name is AWKWARD? apropos of nothing, but how does one get that name?

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