‘Cuse presents GU Relay with fundraising challenge

Still upset about Saturday’s heartbreaking loss to Syracuse?

We here at Vox still haven’t gotten over our sadness, and now the Orangemen have added insult to injury by challenging our ability to fundraise for Relay for Life.

Georgetown Relay will be competing against Syracuse’s Relay until March 12 to see which school can raise more money.

Check out the challenge video here:

4 Comments on “‘Cuse presents GU Relay with fundraising challenge

  1. @Gtownvoice, Thanks for the post.
    @Alcibiades, thanks for the suggestion. We’ll see if we can use it.

  2. In the 4 years of Relay for Life’s existence at Georgetown we have yet to raise one year’s salary and compensation for the top two executives of the ACS. Furthermore, only 15% of money donated actually goes to cancer research. Why don’t we skip the middleman and just donate it to the Lombardi Cancer Center? We’re just making ourselves feel better by throwing money at a rather ineffectual organization.

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