TED talk screening in Sellinger tomorrow

One day of this year’s TED conference, titled “The Rediscovery of Wonder,” will be screened in Leavey’s Sellinger Lounge tomorrow. Georgetown is showing the second day of the four-day conference, which will take place through March 4th in Long Beach, California, as part of the TEDxGeorgetown initiative. TEDx invites individuals and groups to hold local versions of the TED conference, and Georgetown’s version was started by the Lecture Fund.

Wednesday’s program consists of sessions “Deep Mystery”; “Worlds Imagined”; “Knowledge Revolution,” which features Bill Gates; and “Radical Collaboration”. The conference’s other notable speakers include journalist David Brooks, neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, film critic Roger Ebert, General Stanley McChrystal, and singer Jason Mraz, among others.

TEDxGeorgetown is putting on a local TED conference on March 23rd entitled “Netcetera” which will feature professors and students. To check out the TED offerings, visit www.ted.com or www.hulu.com

7 Comments on “TED talk screening in Sellinger tomorrow

  1. there is also a current georgetown student who will be speaking on her experiences!

  2. The TEDxGeorgetown conference will be on March 23rd! This is TEDxGeorgetown Live… which is the live webcast of TED2011 (happening now in California!). Sellinger will be rocking tomorrow! Come and help us think bigger.

  3. I’m interested in attending, but what time will the talks be shown? It’s not noted above…

  4. what is the hoyainnovation business. Do explain. facebook says nothing

  5. @why not

    Yes, I am so confused about hoyainnovation too. Sooo vague–

    “The Hoya Innovation Project seeks to build a better Georgetown community by facilitating “360 degree” collaboration, tapping into the resources and ideas of students, alumni and the University.

    We aim to create a University-wide collaborative network that looks to facilitate and empower ideas in order to execute solutions which address the needs of the University and beyond.”

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