Mayor to meet with student leaders about noise law

D.C. Student Alliance, an advocacy group made up of elected student leaders at universities in the District, recently sent an open letter to city officials asking for a clarification of the vague new amendments to the District’s noise law.

Mayor Vince Gray’s office was the first to respond to the letter. DCSA has not yet heard from Council Chairman Kwame Brown, Police Chief Cathy Lanier, or Acting Attorney General Irvin Nathan.

Gray’s office expressed interest in meeting with the signatories of the letter to discuss the recent changes.

Georgetown University Student Association Senate Speaker Adam Mortillaro (COL ’12) signed the letter on behalf of GUSA and the Georgetown student body.

Read the letter from DCSA to city officials after the jump.

DCSA Noise Letter

6 Comments on “Mayor to meet with student leaders about noise law

  1. How did Gray’s office make this known? Is there anything publicly available?

  2. @JS
    DCSA sent out a press release today announcing that they had heard back from Gray. They did not include the text of the letter in the release.

  3. Please students, for the love of God, present cogent, intelligent arguments against this law. Such arguments exist, and they should be heard and ultimately win. Do not resort to the sort of emotional, exaggerated, trumped-up, alarmist nonsense that the neighbors use and that probably led to this law in the first place.

  4. @Tim

    So… basically don’t be DC Student Speak?

  5. As someone that reads their blog regularly, I don’t think that is really a fair characterization.

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