You can now “check in” at Georgetown

Want to be the mayor of Gaston Hall?

Georgetown University is now making it possible for you to check in at different locations on campus on Foursquare.

Foursquare is a popular social media website that allows people to let their friends know where they and users can receive awards for checking in.

Foursquare’s marketing manager, Anna Frenkel, said in a press release that, “We’re excited to have Georgetown join the Foursquare for universities program. As one of the fastest growing mobile applications, Foursquare will help students explore their campus, while connecting them to the strong network of alumni and Georgetown fans around the world.”

By Georgetown joining with Foursquare, users will be able to receive information about the different locations on campus when they check in.

Healy Circle, Gaston Hall, and the Exorcist Steps are currently among the most popular places for people to check in.

Will you be checking in on Foursquare to become a mayor of a building on campus or are you paranoid like Vox that the University is just doing this to see when you go to class?

One Comment on “You can now “check in” at Georgetown

  1. Yesssss – the MSB is offering a free umbrella to their mayor

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