Did Angert/Kluger fulfill their campaign promises?

It has been just under a week since Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Jason Kluger (MSB ’11) left office as president and vice president of the Georgetown University Student Association after two terms.

Although Angert and Kluger have been praised quite often for their tenure, we here at Vox were curious to see if they followed through on their reelection campaign platform.

[Editor’s note: The official campaign website, calenandjason.com, no longer is operational. The following goals are those that they opted to highlight on their Facebook page.]

Create a “gusaHELP” email account to answer student questions about anything ranging from the Student Code of Conduct to maintenance concerns.

Although it sounds like a helpful idea and similar to 2011 GUSA candidate Charlie Joyce’s (COL ’12) WikiHow website idea, this email account never came to fruition.

Work with Zipcar to get rentals for all Georgetown students 18+.

Angert and Kluger made strides toward expanding Georgetown’s deal with Zipcar, but in the end there are still not Zipcars available to all Georgetown students on campus.

Set up drop off spots on campus for outgoing USPS packages and mail (so you don’t have to walk past Wisconsin with your USPS boxes).

This project, like most that involve cooperation with the government, seems to have been dead on arrival, as there are no such places on campus.

Take a stake in contract renegotiation between Aramark and Georgetown to better represent student interests for Leo’s and other dining services.

Although it is unclear if Angert’s administration was involved with actual contract negotiations, the executive branch did reached out to Dining Services to voice student opinions about places such as Leo’s.

Institute a 5-10 Minute “Grace Period” for students to shut down parties before any disciplinary action is taken.

Anyone who has thrown a party and had to deal with the Department of Public Safety or SNAP knows that this goal certainly was not accomplished.

Fund power strips in classrooms and Lauinger for greater laptop access.

Unless there are some power strips in a part of Lauinger that Vox is unfamiliar with, this campaign pledge unfortunately was not accomplished.


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  1. well, at least they have the position on their resumes. That’s what matters. right?

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