Village A among top party dorms, Darnall one of the worst, a new website that allows students to review their dorms, recently published its first ever Dormy Awards.

The Village A apartment complex took sixth place in the best party dorm category, while first place went to the Briscoe-Shoemaker dorm at the University of Indiana-Bloomington.

Although top “honors” went to Garner Hall at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Georgetown’s Darnall Hall placed third in the worst dorm rankings.

The rankings, however, might be a bit questionable.

Only 7,100 reviews have been submitted for the website. The rankings of certain schools might be due to the site offering a “massive cupcake party” for the school with the most reviews.


6 Comments on “Village A among top party dorms, Darnall one of the worst

  1. I have not seen a rooftop party for months. How sad.

  2. @typical,
    It’s called winter. And the University crushing all things fun. But mostly winter.

  3. This site strike me as haphazard, undergraduate over zealousness. Do we really need another site like this?

    The results speak to how dumb this site is.

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