Jesuit community selects new rector

John Langan, S.J., will step down as rector of Georgetown’s Jesuit community on July 31st after holding the position for five years. Joseph Lingan, S.J., who currently serves as the  interim president at Gonzaga College High School, will replace Langan.

As rector, Lingan will oversee the community of 65 Jesuits at Georgetown. He will also be responsible for their involvement with students, faculty, the administration, and alumni.

Since joining the Society of Jesus thirty years ago, Lingan served as novice master for the  Maryland, New England, and New York Provinces, sending Jesuit novices to work  at schools in the provinces, including Georgetown.

Outgoing rector Langan is a senior research fellow in the Kennedy School of Ethics, serves as a professor in the School of Foreign Service, and holds the Cardinal Bernardin Chair of Catholic Social Thought. He plans to focus on research and teaching, and will spend the next year at Oxford University working on a book about just war theory.

h/t: Georgetown University News Image: Gonzaga College High School

3 Comments on “Jesuit community selects new rector

  1. Were Jon Longon, Jim Langon, and Josh Lingon unavailable?

  2. @Linguistics Major

    Perhaps they’re just going alphabetically by last name?

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