GUSA FinApp updates proposed budget

Last night, the GUSA Finance and Appropriations Committee passed a new version of the Fiscal Year 2012 Student Activities Budget based on the appeals of three groups that did not receive the full allocation they asked for from the body.

The first appeal, from the Georgetown Program Board, originally asked for $173,000 and received $70,000. GUSA agreed to increase their allocation to $83,000 in order to make a fall concert more likely.

Two groups that did not receive funding in the original budget also appealed to GUSA. The Center for Multicultural Equity and Access Rites of Passage requested $10,000, and, after appeals, received $1,000. D.C. Reads did not receive any funding from its appeal because, according to an email from FinApp Chair Colton Malkerson (COL ’13), it “does not meet the definition of where Student Activities Fee money should go, which is limited to campus activities and Georgetown student life.”

GUSA will hear one more appeal from A Different Dialogue next week before it prepares its final budget for passage by the full Senate.

As it stands, the total allocation for Fiscal Year 2012 is more than twice the amount allocated for last year, with FinApp doling out $800,000, as compared with $360,000 allocated last year.

After the jump, see the proposed budget and a visual breakdown of the funding.


5 Comments on “GUSA FinApp updates proposed budget

  1. Congratulations to Domino’s Pizza… the true winner of the majority of allocations.

    Sorry to DC Reads, children in seven Ward 7 schools, and the over 200 students who participate in DC Reads… as a \non-campus activity\ and do not affiliate it with their \Georgetown Student Life\ … who received no funding.

  2. @PizzaLover

    To suggest that the $150,000 that goes towards towards CSJ (an increase of 141% over last year) will only go towards pizza is a pretty tremendous statement. I think FinApp made the right call to set a precedent not to directly fund programs which originated outside of Georgetown but in which Georgetown students might participate. Georgetown’s participation in DC Reads has been facilitated in the past by the CSJ, and I think for GUSA to co-opt this relationship would be to exceed its mandate.

  3. @JustSaying–To clarify, the CSJ ABSO does not fund DC Reads, DCSP, or ASK the way it does other student groups, so that exempts several hundred students from having access to these funds. Also, I would be surprised if point of origin was considered, because that argument doesn’t hold for many groups that were denied.

    I would love for the Voice to do a piece on how GUSA determined its funding. It would be a great way to reflect on how groups should lobby for themselves in the future!

  4. i nominate you for comment of the week. @TinceVennant, please take note.

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