Postgame Roundup: VCU 74, Georgetown 56

That’s all folks. The Hoyas season came to an end in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, on a cold Friday night in Chicago. Like last year’s disappointing loss against Ohio, this one wasn’t even close, as sloppy ball handling and poor three-point shooting doomed the Hoyas in a 74-56 loss to VCU. Even more sad is the fact that this marks the end of Chris Wright, Austin Freeman, Julian Vaughn, and Ryan Dougherty’s careers at Georgetown.

Three-point shooting

The difference between the two teams in this one was like night and day. The Hoyas shot an atrocious 19.2%, while VCU poured in 48% of their shots from downtown. Take away Hollis Thompson and the only Hoya to connect from behind the arc was Markel Starks. With Julian Vaughn’s struggles continuing, Georgetown needed to shoot well from downtown tonight and that just didn’t happen. VCU allowed very few open shots by playing tight defense on the perimeter, made possible because of the poor play of the big men. On the other side, Georgetown had a lot of trouble communicating defensively and let a lot of Rams shooters to get free. Brandon Rozzell went 6-10 from three-point land on his way to a team high 26 points.


All season long turnovers have been a problem for this team. During the first half of the season, the Hoyas averaged about 14 per game. They eventually began to correct their mistakes and during an eight-game winning streak saw those numbers go down. But, after Wright’s injury, they went back to biting themselves in the foot. Many thought that with Wright back, it wouldn’t be a problem, but because of VCU’s furious press, Georgetown turned the ball over 17 times, which led to 17 points. Meanwhile, the Rams only turned the ball over six times, relying on point guard Joey Rodriguez who dished out seven assists.

What’s Next

Georgetown has a long off-season ahead of them. The team will have to deal with an NCAA upset for the second straight year, but more importantly the team’s makeup will greatly change. With Freeman, Vaughn and Wright gone, JTIII will have to determine who will fill the three open starting spots. Will the Hoyas have a point guard who can make up for Wright’s lost contribution as the floor general? The team may have found a replacement for Freeman’s steady scoring in Hollis Thompson, who showed tonight what he is capable of. The big question is though, with only one NCAA Tournament win since 2007’s Final Four run, and three straight disappointing endings to the season, does the program need to be reassessed? Only time will tell.

9 Comments on “Postgame Roundup: VCU 74, Georgetown 56

  1. Terrible game. I can say nothing good about it, at all, except for Hollis’s play. He was the best on the team by far. JTIII made zero adjustments on offense or defense. The players seemed unmotivated and could not match the play and intensity on offense and defense of VCU. Credit goes to them completely. Gtown got picked apart.
    Other beef about the game besides horrendous play, in my opinion it was really classless of JTIII to keep Dougherty out of the game until the last twenty seconds of the game to stand there while VCU ran out the clock. He put in work year round just like every other player and deserved to be on the court when it was clear that others did not. Down more than twenty with a couple minutes left, put in your other senior so that he can try to score in the NCAA tournament. That may have pissed me off more than the loss itself. It was really inexcusable.

  2. The Hoyas need a big-bodied, big man who can go to the hoop. Julian Vaughn turned out to be a complete disappointment. The Hoyas totally misused Lubick this year. Lubick needs to be told to go to the basket, not always look to pass. Lubick was a high school mega-star, for God’s sake. The Hoyas do need to rethink JTIII – too complacent and fat, perhaps? But how do you get rid of the son of a coaching legend, who you do want to keep as a Georgetown icon?

  3. This makes 4 straight years with a disastrous end to the season. Even worse: the future is terrifying. With some awful (relative to what other big programs are doing) recruiting classes on the horizon, we need to rethink this pseudo-deity status that is inexplicably reserved for JTIII.

    His father was a legend. III himself took us to a remarkable Final Four. But is that all it takes to be glorified by the annual student section t-shirts and treated as “off-limits” for accountability?

    This program needs some big changes if it wants to remain a contender in the Big East. We could be in some serious trouble these next few seasons

  4. Anyone want to see Bruce Pearl in a grey tie and blue blazer?

  5. Julian Vaughn was never recruited as a “big man” – he’s a forward being forced to play center because we don’t have a dependable one. But I totally agree about Dougherty. At least he actually was allowed to touch the ball – I was afraid he wouldn’t be let in at all.

  6. That score is more depressing every time I look at it.

  7. At least we didn’t commit the most boneheaded foul in history.

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