Housing to seniors in Nevils: GTFO

Georgetown University Housing Services announced yesterday that “Nevils apartments will undergo a major renovation. Improvements will include new heating and cooling systems, lighting and windows; complete renovations to bathrooms and kitchens; and updates to the fire alarm system. Additionally, all furniture will be replaced. The bulk of this work will occur during the summer.”

Only one problem: the renovations will begin during Senior Week.

Seniors that currently live in Nevils apartments will be given temporary housing during Senior Week, but they will not find out where they will be staying until May.

Housing Services plans to provide trucks to help move students’ items to the temporary housing and boxes for those who wish to ship items home early.

Read the full email after the jump.

Dear Class of 2011 Nevils Resident:

We are excited to announce that beginning in May, 2011, Nevils apartments will undergo a major renovation.  Improvements will include new heating and cooling systems, lighting and windows; complete renovations to bathrooms and kitchens; and updates to the fire alarm system.  Additionally, all furniture will be replaced.  The bulk of this work will occur during the summer.

In order to complete this project in the short time frame available, all students, including graduating seniors currently assigned to Nevils, will relocate to Senior Week Housing on May 16, 2011.  Housing Services will move senior roommates currently housed together to other apartments on campus.  Individuals will be assigned to apartments, but will have a single bedroom in that apartment.  We can also offer an LXR room as a single for anyone who prefers that option.  We will be able to notify you in early May of your Senior Week housing assignment.

We understand that this move may be disruptive and inconvenient to you.  However, these are the challenges of a major renovation project that must be completed in time for occupancy in the fall.  We ask for your understanding, as this project will provide major improvements for future residents of Nevils.  In consideration of the inconvenience this may cause you, Housing Services will provide boxes for students who would like to ship packages early.  Trucks will be provided to assist your move to your temporary assignment.

We also ask that all bikes be removed from bike racks by noon on May 15, 2011, as bike racks will be removed from the courtyard for the summer.  Uncollected bikes will be removed along with the racks.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we begin this project.  If you have any questions, please contact Housing Services at (202) 687-4560 or by replying to this email.


Patrick Killilee

Director, Housing Services

8 Comments on “Housing to seniors in Nevils: GTFO

  1. Oooh boxes! And trucks! And a room in LXR!

    It’s almost like Housing decided to play the role of 80’s game show producer and give away the worst parting gifts imaginable (Pyramid home game! Press-on nails! KFC gift certificates! Rolaids! Denture cream! Floodlights! A cordless phone!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUZaIpkIyvQ&t=0m58s …and we don’t get to play with Betty White, either

  2. This is crazy. Another example of administrators not caring about student needs. It really couldn’t wait a week? Why do these poor seniors have to be screwed over one last time on their way out the door?

  3. Terrible decision by the University. I hope that a lot of seniors communicate the message that THIS SORT OF BEHAVIOR IS WHY ALUMS DON’T GIVE BACK.

    Jack DeGioia won’t be listening. He’ll probably be on some other continent.

  4. Only 28% of alums give back to Georgetown (http://alumni.georgetown.edu/default.aspx?page=youngalumni)
    Compared to 51% at Notre Dame. Just to spite that number, I would just rater give a donation to a club I belonged to outside the university, just so the U could not claim it.

    And I wouldn’t trust they’d give it to the designated club, anyway…


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