University takes to the airwaves to defend Campus Plan

Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson joined Jorge Abud, American University’s assistant vice president for facilities development and real estate, on the The Kojo Nnamdi Show on Monday afternoon.

Olson and Abud took part in the WAMU radio show as another way to connect with D.C. residents about the campus plans that both universities recently filed with the District. Both plans are facing strong opposition from residents who live near the universities.

Burleith Citizens Association President Lenore Rubino didn’t miss the opportunity to let her opinion on the Campus Plan be heard.

“I think that students need to, especially on the undergraduate level, need to be brought back on campus and live on campus where they can have a full college experience,” she said in one of two calls she made to the show. “We find many instances where the students are in peril, where we find them drunk, passed out on the streets.”

An audio recording of the show can be found here and a transcript of the show is available here.

5 Comments on “University takes to the airwaves to defend Campus Plan

  1. Drunk passed out in the streets? Does she have any documentation of this? Noise I can see, but I think Ms. Rubino has taken the title of Queen of Hyperbole from Jennifer Altemus.

  2. I just graduated in December, and I can definitely point to a few times where I did actually see students passed out on the sidewalk, mostly along Prospect St. I once helped carry a freshman home who was in that situation… but, of course, as per usual the number of incidences was probably grossly overstated.

  3. I really wish Lenore Rubino would stop pretending to care about students’ welfare. It’s getting annoying. I can accept her complaints, but I don’t believe for one second that she cares that I have a “full college experience.”

  4. @ Eileen,

    I totally agree. In fact, I don’t think she wants you to have ANY college experience, at least not at Georgetown.

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