Students travel to Mali to help develop transportation system

What did you do over spring break? Go to an all inclusive in Mexico? Visit friends at home?

Four Georgetown University students took a bit different of an approach to spring break this year—they traveled to Mali to propose the implementation of a transportation system.

Michael Barclay (COL ’12), Anthony Conyers (COL ’12), Joseph Luk (SFS ’11), and Sean Quigley (SFS ’12) met with government officials in the city of Bamako to discuss the feasibility and benefits of creating a public transportation system. (Editor’s note: Quigley is Features editor for the Voice.)

The project grew out of “Science and Society: Global Challenges,” a fall semester seminar in which the students were required to propose entrepreneurial options to a global challenge. The four proposed Bus Rapid Transit as a cheap and easy way for the city to lower energy use and the number of traffic fatalities.

Proposed to several organizations, the research project received funding from the Richard Lounsbery Foundation.

Over spring break, the four traveled to Bamoko where they interviewed residents and conducted research on the city’s traffic patterns and current private bus system. The group now plans to present their research results to the Lounsbery Foundation.

Image and h/t: Georgetown University News

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  1. The real question is how does he like his eggs, fried or fertilized?

  2. so um hey malian official, i think developing bus transport would be a really cool thing. Um yeah.

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