This week in the Voice: Oh, SNAP!

This week in Features, Chris Heller rides along with SNAP on a Saturday night to find out what really happens in the organization most students see as just party police.

“[SNAP] is in its eleventh year … But perhaps now,” writes Heller, “in the midst of a controversial Campus Plan approval process and an increasingly strained relationship between the University and the community around it, SNAP is more relevant than ever.”

Sports has all the details of the women’s basketball victory against Maryland to move onto the Sweet Sixteen.

In Leisure, Leigh Finnegan dives into this upcoming weekend’s Tenn Cent Fest in honor of Tennessee Williams’ 100th birthday.

News has the latest on the jockeying between the proposals for the $3.4 million Student Endowment Fund.

In Voices, Kate Imel bemoans the rise of multiple online personalities in the wild world of dating.

Ed Board lauds the return of the Collegiate Readership Program.

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