Kevin Rudolf, Dev and the Cataracs to perform at spring concert

[Editor’s Note: A previous version of this post incorrectly reported that Dev and the Cataracs, not Kevin Rudolf, will headline the concert. We apologize for the mistake.]

Georgetown’s annual Spring Kick-Off Concert is going to be like a G6 — or at least part of one.

Kevin Rudolf, the Cash Money-backed artist behind “Let It Rock”, will headline the Apr. 9 concert in McDonough Gymnasium. (Thanks to a few verses by Lil Wayne, “Let It Rock” went triple platinum in 2009.) Dev and the Cataracs, Jason Smith, and Shwayze and Cisco will also perform.

While we couldn’t dig up anything about Smith, Dev and the Cataracs is best known for appearing on and producing the Far East Movement single “Like A G6.” You might recognize Shwayze and Cisco from “Buzzin” and “Corona and Lime,” two songs off Shwayze’s 2008 debut album.

No Andrew WK? That’s just disappointing.

28 Comments on “Kevin Rudolf, Dev and the Cataracs to perform at spring concert

  1. Wow. So again we get a featuring act that is most famous for backing up ONE song (T-Pain, what a great concert that was right).

    When the first reaction to this news is “Who? Ohhh yeah those guys from that one song” you know it’s not the best get.

  2. Dev and the Cataracs are NOT headlining. Kevin Rudolf and Shwayze (and Cisco Adler) are headlining.

  3. to be fair cataracts and dev are what make the song…cataracts made the beat and “when sober girls around me they be acting like they drunk” …. dev sings the hook. those random asians ruin the song.

    still trash guests. can we got real performers for once? like nas?

  4. Why does Georgetown always bring rappers/hip hoppers? Seriously?

  5. Because that’s what Georgetown students listen to when dad takes them back to Fairfield County in the Volvo.

  6. I’m so hungry…for quality performers (like Bieber).

  7. I’m surprised at all the hate… maybe Vox should do a poll on whether the campus would actually have these artists or no concert at all.

  8. Considering the amount of cash GPB spent on this (considerably more than what was spent on Lupe, much more than you would think), I think no concert would be my choice.

    Unbelievable waste of money, GPB.

  9. What happened to student voting? I know Dev and the Cataracs were on the list, but I highly doubt anyone voted for them higher than 7. Are we gonna see the voting results from that?

  10. @ @Wow:

    That’s really surprising! Didn’t GPB spend a crap-ton to get Lupe here? I remember hearing about how they needed to sell an ungodly amount of tickets to even begin breaking even on how much they spent, but they did it because they really wanted to bring such a big name after the number of womp-womp concerts we had in the past few years. Did this random mix of performers really cost more than Lupe?

    Also… anything’s better than T-Pain. I still point to that as the low. Or maybe Fountains of Wayne, but I don’t think anyone currently at school was here for that (c/o 2010 were freshmen when FoW came).

  11. @Wow

    Seeing as I will certainly not be attending this year, I would say there’s effectively no difference for me between having no concert or having these guys. Except that now GPB probably spent a helluva lot of money.

  12. This is what happens when you let a group of students with ZERO music booking experience plan a major concert event. They get ripped off paying ABSURD prices to provide a guarantee and a backline for artists that literally no one cares about or wants to see.

  13. Can we give Georgetown Radio the money and let them schedule the concerts? They get decent acts on a shoestring budget. Give them real money and our shows might not be so terrible.

  14. @ woah,

    You said “I remember hearing about how they needed to sell an ungodly amount of tickets to even begin breaking even on how much they spent . . . .” What the hell does it mean to “begin breaking even”? Don’t you either break even or not break even? It’s like being pregnant. There’s no “kind of” or “a little bit” about it.

    @ JS,

    GPB would bring in great acts. And the musically-clueless Georgetown student body would ignore that, too. Last year, Titus Andronicus played in Bulldog. There was enough of a crowd for it to be a fun show, and the band is absolutely awesome. But the vast majority of students would skip out on seeing them because . . . . I actually have no idea why.

  15. Sorry, I meant Georgetown Radio would bring great acts. GPB is bringing Kevin Rudolf, which is the opposite of a great act.

  16. I don’t recall GPB making excellent decisions when planning events in general, so why does this surprise anyone?

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  18. I am still honestly baffled at how a group of ostensibly smart Georgetown kids could be hoodwinked into supporting and outrageously overpaying such a talentless bunch of garbage acts. For Christ’s sake at least get an act with INSTRUMENTS.

  19. @whoa

    It was this year’s Senior Class Committee that were the main driver behind who brought Lupe not GPB…. should have given them the task again or at least involved somehow.

  20. Hi guys,

    I know that these artists are not Katy Perry or Lady Gaga or Ludacris or Trey Songz, but you guys might want to consider the planning that goes into the event/behind the scenes. There are subcommittees for the event, whose members will be up at o dark thirty on Saturday through the morning on Sunday to make sure the concert goes off without a hitch. It’s incredibly difficult to contract an artist to come with a budget that is not $2,000,000 at least. The venue is also difficult to get because McDonough’s maximum capacity is way less than something like the Verizon Center.

    What does everyone want to see? GPB combine with Georgetown Radio? Ideas?

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