Georgetown philosophy class amuses joke bloggers

In our rankings obsessed college culture, every website has their own list and ranking method. The bloggers at ranked the 30 Dumbest Universities in America, and yes, we made the cut.

Their method? Take one event that can be seen as funny or dumb, add factually questionable snarky analysis, and you’re on the list (you can be the judge of whether this is more objective than US News and World Report).

Surprisingly, a certain dorm room laboratory wasn’t what sent us to the bottom of the class, but drugs were included. They cited our class, “Philosophy 194: Hallucinating,” as being “dumbest” worthy:

Many American college students learn about hallucination in college by experimenting with illegal drugs like LSD, Acid or Mushrooms. Of course, if you go to Georgetown University, you can learn about these things in class, specifically “Philosophy 194: Hallucinating.”

It seems we are in good company though, with Brown and Columbia also sharing this achievement.

2 Comments on “Georgetown philosophy class amuses joke bloggers

  1. I’m only 5 schools in, and I see that Harvard and NYU are on the list, too. Probably more top-25 schools coming.

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