What’s your opinion of the GPB Spring Concert?

Our post announcing the Georgetown Program Board Spring Concert line up has received a fair number of comments, so we’ve┬ádecided to conduct a little poll about the April 9th concert.

What is your plan for the GPB Spring Concert?

3 Comments on “What’s your opinion of the GPB Spring Concert?

  1. Well done GPB! You have an entire 6% of campus excited about your concert.

    Pull the plug.

  2. I wonder how much money they spent on talentless one-hit (if you could call them that) wonders! Good job! Kevin Rudolf and Shwayze were DEFINITELY on the concert survey, too. GPB did a great job efficiently spending our money to bring artists who the student body asked for. /sarcasm

  3. 8.71% of campus must walk around with boners all day because they apparently get excited by anything.

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