This week in the Voice: Strike a pose

In Features, Antwaun Sargent and Nico Dodd highlight their favorite style trends in our annual Spring fashion spread.

“Suit up for interviews,” they write, “take an afternoon stroll­ in style, and look good for class. You never know what might end up in the yearbook.”

News has the latest on student frustration with the new funding method of the Student Activities Commission.

In Leisure, Leigh Finnegan reviews the Mask and Bauble’s new production, Rabbit Hole.

Sports has the rundown of the disappointing end of the season for men’s lacrosse.

In Voices, Jackson Perry laments the decline of The New York Times and hopes for its renaissance.

Ed Board notes the Metro’s 35th birthday by warning of the dangers of budget cuts to the program.

4 Comments on “This week in the Voice: Strike a pose

  1. Really not the end of the lacrosse season yet…

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