How a federal government shutdown may affect Georgetown

Since Georgetown is located in the District of Columbia, which is highly dependent on federal government funding for operations to occur, a possible government shutdown could impact students and area residents.

If a budget is not passed by the end of the congressional session on Friday, a number of services in the District will be shut down.

The shut downs likely to affect students include the closure of all public libraries in the District and a suspension of trash collection by the Department of Public Works. However, trash collection will resume one week after the shutdown.

Those with cars who are always in fear of getting a ticket will likely rejoice if a shutdown occurs because according to Tony Robinson, director of public affairs for the District, parking enforcement agents have been deemed to non-essential employees.

A shutdown would also cancel this weekend’s Cherry Blossom Festival parade and other festival activities.

The Metropolitan Police Department, D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services, and D.C. Public Schools will all remain operational even if a shutdown occurs.

Image: WTSP

9 Comments on “How a federal government shutdown may affect Georgetown

  1. @JS Exactly. DC is the only municipality in the United States whose locally raised funds will be withheld due to a federal shutdown. District residents taxed locally to fund local works have no business being held up by disagreements at the national level. No place’s trash collection will stop because of a shutdown except for here.

  2. 10 bucks says the neighborhood will blame students for the garbage not being collected.

  3. NO SCHOOL FOR A – ! Wait, wrong holiday. Sorry.

  4. @gc83 Duh. They probably won’t even notice the shutdown at all – too busy worrying about tree protectors and other important stuff like that. But anything bad that happens WILL be our fault.

  5. how will this effect my plans with chris lee on monday evening?

  6. and yes, i used the wrong word out of effect/affect on purpose

  7. Also, don’t forget that the Zoning Commission hearing on the 2010 Campus Plan is next week. The shutdown would probably prevent that from going ahead as well.

  8. it increasingly seems Statehood is the only way to solve these problems.

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