This week in the Voice: Financial aid under fire

This week in Features, Sean Quigley explores the impact of Pell Grants on Georgetown students, and their futures.

“Hendricks is one of more than 800 Georgetown undergraduates who receive financial aid from the federal government through the Pell Grant program. But funding for next year’s Pell Grants is in danger of being cut by Congress,” writes Quigley, “leaving students like Hendricks unsure of their futures.”

Sports delves into the women’s softball team, and offers hope for the end of their slump.

In Voices, Iris Kim hearkens back to an era when kids’ television was better.

News has the latest on four seniors in the NHS’s efforts to raise money for the Mother of Mercy Babies’ Home in Ghana.

In Leisure, Samuel Buckley discovers the wild world of International Pillow Fight Day.

Ed Board laments the University’s concessions to the neighbors regarding the 2010 Campus Plan.

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5 Comments on “This week in the Voice: Financial aid under fire

  1. Where’s the mention of the Post’s article on The Hoya? You obsess about everything else they do

  2. Ha, Anon, I came to post that exact same sentiment!

    Let’s be honest: The crap some posters give Vox about its coverage of The Hoya is overblown. I think this blog’s coverage of issues relating to The Hoya is generally solid. If it weren’t for Vox, less of the April Fool’s Day 2009 stuff would have received public attention, nor would there have been this forum for dialogue, so I think it is good that Vox is there to shed some light on issues taking place down the hallway.

    But I totally agree with Anon: If ANY other student group had been written up in the Post, you’d have posted it within moments. Heck, you posted that NYT story about the stupid med student pilot in the nick of time — yet a story in the WASHINGTON POST about a whole group of undergrads goes unmentioned.

    I think your omission is glaring and it undermines your credibility when you will, down the road, have to respond to annoying posters criticizing what they perceive to be biased coverage of The Hoya.

    You’ve made three other posts today, so don’t insult your readers by saying this omission is purely based on logistics and a busy schedule.

  3. One more thing — there is plenty in that Post story that you could joke about and their is fodder for criticism of The Hoya. I don’t expect Vox to post a glowing ode to the beacon of journalistic accomplishment that is The Hoya. But you have got to do something if you want to claim to be the place to go for news and links on Georgetown student life.

  4. THERE is fodder… Last post — I promis

  5. @ Fan of Voice AND Hoya

    I was waiting on a comment from Eamon before putting anything up. Don’t worry — it’ll be published soon.

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