Strangers sneak into LXR rooms, elude capture

In two incidents early Saturday morning, girls living in LXR Hall reported waking up to find an unknown man in their rooms.

At 4:30 a.m., a female student woke up “to find a male laying in bed next to her,” according to a Department of Public Safety alert. The suspect, who was described as a six-foot tall South Asian male with short black hair wearing a black sweater, collared shirt and tan pants, fled after the student screamed.

A person matching the suspect’s description was last spotted climbing the fence in the LXR courtyard, then fleeing on Prospect Street towards campus. DPS searched the area, but failed to track down any potential suspects.

After issuing the alert, another female student contacted DPS today to report an unknown man who “shook her awake by the shoulder” at 3:30 a.m. The suspect, who was described as a six-foot tall, freckled white male wearing a dark crew shirt, a stripped maroon sweater, and tan pants, left the apartment after the student woke up. According to a DPS alert, he was last spotted by the victim’s roommate fleeing the scene.

In both incidents, neither victim was physically harmed and no valuables were stolen. If anybody’s got some leads, give DPS a call at (202) 687-4343.

The first reported incident:

Date: April 09, 2011

Time: 4:30 AM

Location: Campus

Address: LXR Residence Hall

Incident type: Burglary

Respondents: MPD

Incident summary:

On Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 4:30 a.m., a Georgetown student woke to find a male laying in bed next to her. The student screamed, at which time the male suspect fled the room. A male subject matching the description was seen running through the courtyard, climbing the fence, and fleeing west on Prospect Street toward campus. DPS searched the area with negative results. MPD was notified and responded to investigate.

Victim(s):The victim was not physically harmed, nor were any valuables taken.

Witness description of suspect(s):South Asian male, approximately 6 feet tall, short black hair, medium build, wearing a black sweater with collared shirt and tan pants.

The second reported incident:

Date: April 09, 2011

Time: 3:30 AM

Location: Campus

Address: LXR Hall

Incident type: Burglary

Respondents: Public Safety

Incident summary: Following the PSA issued earlier today, another incident was reported to DPS. A Georgetown student reported that on April 9, 2011 at 3:30 a.m., she was sleeping when someone shook her awake by the shoulder. When she turned to see who it was, she saw an unknown male exit her room. A roommate who was downstairs saw the suspect flee and exit the front door. The students checked their room to see if anything was taken, and they reported that nothing was missing.

Victim(s):The victim was not physically harmed, nor were any valuables taken.

Witness description of suspect(s):White male with freckles, approximately 6 feet tall, medium build, wearing a dark crew shirt, a stripped maroon sweater and tan pants.

25 Comments on “Strangers sneak into LXR rooms, elude capture

  1. Perhaps had victim one bothered to call DPS, victim 2 would not exist and/or the suspect might have been caught.

  2. Wait, the suspect escaped from DPS? How?! How did he elude their masterful snares? The only logical explanation is that he had some sort of elaborate getaway planned. Perhaps a zipline from the Exorcist Steps to a idling motorboat in the Potomac. Or a helicopter with rope ladder deployed hovering above Village A Prospect.

  3. Or … it’s coming to me … perhaps DPS is simply ineffective. When you think of it that way, Watson, the situation becomes remarkably simple.

  4. Aren’t those doors supposed to lock automatically?

  5. Did the security cameras get him on tape? oh wait…

  6. To anyone who objects to security cameras:

    Enjoy your privacy. It means that when random dudes show up in your bed, whatever they do will be good and private.

  7. So does this mean you’re for putting cameras in people’s bedrooms? Wouldn’t be the most stupid position you’ve taken.

  8. I’m tired of all the anti-bro comments. If I came on here and made those generalizations about any other group everyone would be up in arms.

  9. Maybe the bros should hold a forum on the matter!

  10. could these two cuddlers possibly be georgetown students?

  11. the first break-in email was actually a nevils apartment, for the record..

  12. The suspects are definitely two unique individuals based on the physical descriptions from the two reports.

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  14. @wrong
    Both emails stated that the “unlawful entries” occurred in LXR Hall. If you have information contrary to this, I’d recommend contacting DPS so that they can have a more accurate public safety alert.

  15. @ @Tim,
    No obviously no one wants cameras in rooms. So right, I guess whatever happens in rooms will remain private anyway. But certainly, it would be nice to be able to go back and let the victims look at some tape and ID the person coming or going from the building.

  16. The reports don’t seem to indicate if the properties were secured: ie, the door/windows locked. Anybody know?? Or was this just another incident of “inviting” somebody in?

  17. Did anyone ever think that these two girls just got black out drunk and did not realize they brought a guy home…. If I had a delusional girl screaming at me at 3:30 in the morning. I would definitely just grab my stuff and peace. Jest saying …

  18. One time I woke up to somebody rustling through my bed. At first I panicked, but then I realized that they were just Icing me. It was chill.

  19. @mike If that were the case, why would the suspect need to climb the lxr fence and run from dps officers?

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