Comments of the Week: Meta Comments

This past week, we saw more ANC drama, cuddler activity, but most importantly there were comments posted to last week’s COTW article. So meta.

Winston Smith describes the journalistic integrity of COTW:

Nothing like highlighting one side of the Tombs trivia commenter mindset, and leaving rational defenses of black humor somewhere in the back burner of the original article.

gc83 had a prediction about the possible government shutdown:

10 bucks says the neighborhood will blame students for the garbage not being collected

@Elton has a message for some Vox commenters:

I’m tired of all the anti-bro comments. If I came on here and made those generalizations about any other group everyone would be up in arms.

…And in true internet spirit he gets slapped down by Ideaman:

Maybe the bros should hold a forum on the matter!

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