Georgetown’s t-shirt war will engulf us all

Nothing makes us happier than enforcing goofy stereotypes about Georgetown students, which is why we’ve been giddy over the brewing t-shirt competition between Georgetown College and the McDonough School of Business.

Okay, so there’s no real competition. But we’re going to rattle our saber anyway.

The Georgetown College Academic Council’s got t-shirts for any College students who happen to be huge Harry Potter nerds. (Read: All of us.) Track down your council representative during GAAP weekend this Saturday to snag yourself one and prove, once and for all, that College = Gryffindor.

But what if you’re in the MSB? Everybody knows your dark ties to the house Slytherin, so it’s high time to embrace an arrogant, immature attitude that only a business fraternity can offer.

Cue Alpha Kappa Psi’s “MSB: It’s always a three-day weekend” t-shirts, which pleasantly remind the rest of us that MSB kids spend their Friday afternoons drinking while we’re stuck in another boring discussion section.

The College edges the MSB on pricing ($12 to $15), but lacks the technological capabilities of its business-minded rivals. Let’s call it a wash.

We just hope our poor, defenseless friends in the NHS don’t get pulled into this blood bath.

10 Comments on “Georgetown’s t-shirt war will engulf us all

  1. Too late. NHS already started and completed their T-shirt sales. They may not look that nice, but they do help AIDS kids in Africa. That’s 10 points to Hufflepuff! (Suck on that College)

    Anyway, everyone knows that the College (ie the liberal arts school) is Ravenclaw. Silly posers.

  2. Gryffindor = COL
    Ravenclaw = SFS
    Hufflepuff = NHS
    Slytherin = MSB

    That is all.

  3. Everyone knows the college is Gryffindor. Not even a debate.

  4. I accept the classifications (go Ravenclaw), but is anyone else incredibly sick of the Harry Potter comparisons?

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  6. @hoya

    you are so funny. i wish i could insert urls as well as you. you obviously didn’t read the article – because it explains that the problem is with soft-requirement business schools outside of the top 50. last i checked, MSB was #10. what is the college ranked?

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