GU Campus Plan Hearing

9 Comments on “GU Campus Plan Hearing

  1. Everyone seems to think there is some grand conspiracy afoot to sneak thousands of undergrads on campus in the cover of night.

  2. Sam deserves an award for this coverage. Very well done.

  3. “To what do you attribute the broad-based opposition to this plan?”

    “We attribute it to snooty rich people who have nothing else to do with their time.”

    May 6. That’s finals season. Any professors willing to give extra credit for community involvement?

  4. I believe the next hearing is May 12th btw.

  5. @ Clarification

    Nice catch. Although, be easy on Sam about it — a five-hour live blog must scramble the brain real bad.

  6. Yeah Sam, I was there too but I was fortunate to leave early with the bus. Great work.

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