Mayor Gray proposes longer hours for alcohol sales

Students running to Dixie Liquor at 9:55 p.m., rejoice!

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray’s proposed budget includes a one percent increase of the sales tax for alcohol—from nine to ten percent—but, in return, stores in the District would be able to sell liquor two hours later on Monday through Saturday.

Stores that only sell beer and wine will also be able to offer the extended hours on Sundays as well.

Current D.C. statutes currently require that sales of alcohol cease at 10 p.m.

Gray is currently facing a $322 million gap in the budget.

If the proposed budget is approved, the tax increase and extended hours are expected to provide an additional $2.36 million in revenue for the District.

h/t: GW Hatchet

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  1. What, no comments?

    Well, let me be the first to say: Hell yeah!

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