Hollis Thompson declares for NBA draft, will not hire agent

As first reported by Tarik El-Bashir of the Washington Post, sophomore Hollis Thompson has declared for the NBA draft. He will not hire an agent, retaining his NCAA eligibility if he decides to return to school.

The 6-foot-7 forward from Los Angeles would be one of the Hoyas’ top returning players. Thompson appeared in every game this season, starting 22, and averaged 8.6 points per game while shooting 45.7 percent from beyond the arc. The sophomore was also the team’s second leading rebounder with 4.4 boards per game.

Thompson’s decision comes as something of a surprise. He did have the best game of his career in Georgetown’s season ending NCAA Tournament loss to VCU, scoring a career-high 26 points to go along with seven rebounds. But for most of the season Thompson was no better than the Hoyas’ fourth option, and he was removed from the starting lineup in favor of freshman Nate Lubick in January.

Chad Ford, ESPN’s resident draft expert, called Thompson a second-rounder at best, while former Hoya Patrick Ewing Jr. shook his head at the decision.

Thompson has until May 8 to remove his name from the draft and preserve his college eligibility. Entering the draft in order to get feedback from NBA teams and scouts is not uncommon for underclassmen, but players are only allowed to test the waters once. If Thompson does return to school, don’t be surprised if the forward’s junior season is his last. Considering his size and potential, Thompson could work his way into the first round of the 2012 draft with a solid season as the focal point of Georgetown’s offense.

10 Comments on “Hollis Thompson declares for NBA draft, will not hire agent

  1. It’s obviously that Vee and Hollis are besties. I’m sure Hollis will not only miss Vee, but also commiserates in his relegated status on the team as second-best. If he gets picked he’s outta here. If he’s smart, he would wait a year or two and come out with a much higher salary and a better pick.

  2. It’s interesting that you describe Hollis Thompson’s removal from the starting lineup in a negative light; as if he lost his position due to performance issues. The truth is he started at the 4 position because Gtown didn’t have a 4 that was ready to start. The plan all along was to bring Nate up to speed as soon as possible. In the meantime, Hollis played where the team needed him, and he didn’t complain or sulk when Nate was finally ready to take over.

  3. I’m didn’t mean to represent him in a negative light, don’t get me wrong. Hollis was the only one on the team that really came through on the last game. He’s just not ready for the NBA compared to his potential. The problem is that his potential wasn’t really able to be showcased as much as it could have, and the fact is that what the Hoyas see in him isn’t necessarily represented in his stats this year as a potential top-pick in the future.

  4. he can’t be picked and then leave. He has to decide before the draft occurs if he wants to return to school. Team can officially begin workouts on April 28th, and he will have basically 11 days (may 8th) to decide to come back. Lots of players leave, but my guess is that he is gone.

  5. So according to Hollis’s fb.
    put me in the fire . iwill not burn .


    and everyday im getting awesomer.
    It’s just his ego getting in the way. Then again, he might just want to get feedback from the scouts.

  6. This is my plea to Hollis. If this is a money hardship thing or grades kicking ur but I understand If not use Greg as an example… He went between 10 and 14 and had a great rookie season, but had he stayed at least one more year Greg clearly would have been a top 4 pick if not the 1st . If Hollis is gathering information to work on his game for the final two seasons I commend him. Actually scout feedback is not needed I can tell you myself…..Improve ballhandling, quickness, and continue to develope mid range and 3pt range.Also work on driving and finishing around the rim. He did that wonderfully against VCU… A year or two of that against Big East competition, and get that average up to about 17-22 pts per game and he won’t have to test anything, it will be a given…..This is your time to step up and lead the hoyas front line is no longer an issue a go to scorer like yourself JTIII ‘s system and the hoyas will shock alot of people. Hollis your a Hoya and no matter what you decide hoya nation wishes you the best, but this hoya fan sees all 4 as lottery for you…..Good Luck
    Let’s go Hoyas

  7. @HollisIsHot,
    He sounds like Charlie Sheen. That’s not a good thing.

  8. Greg went 7th btw, and definitely had a great season. No way Hollis comes close to Greg in talent though. The fact that we’re all surprised says that

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