Comments of the Week: Rotten Eggs

Someone thinks we’re being a bit Negative:

Between this new feature, the “What Sucks?” feature, and the one where we all voted on Georgetown’s “worst idea,” I’m beginning to feel like Vox just wants an outlet for picking on someone/something and/or whining.

Babs doesn’t mind:

But but but but… picking on people is fun…

Not Greg Monroe gives a shout out to a poor freshman from the crime report:

My deepest condolences to the Harbin freshman whose Hugo Boss shoes were stolen from his room. When is the solidarity march?

Jacob the troll makes a, well, productive comment:

As a professional troll, let me say I am shocked by the low quality of the jokes offered here. I take great pride and expend great effort in my work of ceaselessly mocking people (if GUSA senators, bros and various species of hippie can be called people). The thoughtless gutter trash who think ragging on the defenseless is funny are not only morally repugnant, but comedically lazy. Mocking the powerful and visible elements of our campus is a worthy and difficult pursuit, mocking the weak is as sad as it is easy.

That being said, feeding the trolls is a very bad idea. If you really want to change this Molly, don’t bring your laptop to Trivia. Tell the lazy idiots who churn these jokes out by the dozen how much this hurts you and force them to look you in the eyes while they do it. Mocking people who can’t confront you is easy, but facing people is hard and I doubt any of these filthy creatures possess the constitution to do that.

develop inguadin gets his name on the big blog:

To be fair to Molly and the fine bloggers at Vox Populi (who are usually great when you ignore garbage like these article), JFK was a man, so it’s fine to make fun of violence committed against him, up to and including blowing his brains out.

I’m also very proud of the honor of having the first place prize named after me. This is going on the resume.

One Comment on “Comments of the Week: Rotten Eggs

  1. You know, Vox, you guys are a bunch of crazy, good-for-nothing sons of bitches, I hate your guts, and I would like nothing more than to get you pregnant and push you down a flight of stairs… but goddammit if I don’t respect you.

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