Vincent Orange wins election for D.C. Council


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Vincent Orange, a former D.C. councilmember and Pepco lobbyist, won  the vacant at-large seat on the D.C. Council. Orange is also a strong opponent of the 2010 Campus Plan.

“I know what happens when students move into the community,” he said in a February candidate forum. “It’s parties every single day.”

Election results have not yet been certified, but the unofficial tally at the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics’ website has Orange winning with 28.27% of the vote. Mail-in absentee votes and special ballots have yet to be counted.

This election was the first opportunity for students registered by the DC Students Speak voter registration campaign to flex their electoral muscle. However, Vox saw students being turned away at the polls for invalid documentation.

Those that cast provisional ballots have ten days to present themselves at DCBOEE’s offices to show proper documentation and have their votes count, according to a tweet by the DCBOEE. At least one student successfully registered the day of the election using a letter from housing attesting her D.C. residency and a non-D.C. picture ID.

7 Comments on “Vincent Orange wins election for D.C. Council

  1. Pretty ridiculous that we don’t have run-off elections or something in this city. Winning with less than 30% of the vote ≠ democracy.

  2. “When student’s move into the community!?”

    I’ve seen the pictures from the civil war, Georgetown’s surrounded by a big empty hill. We didn’t land on this neighborhood, the neighborhood landed on us.

    Also, is it some much to ask that Pepco not initiate a blackout ever 6 weeks. I was under the impression that this university was based in a developed country.

  3. It is time that we GU students fight back….Hope Solomon, daughter of Ed Solomon (ANC and ardent GU Hater) was the Ward 2 Chair for the Orange Campaign. Ed is the owner of Anthony’s Tuxedos, and he will oppose any GU Student that wants to live in Burleith. PLEASE START THE BOYCOTT OF ANTHONY’S TUXEDO’S NOW TO SEND A MESSAGE, AND POST THI TO YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT SO THAT YOUR FRIENDS KNOW THE REAL ED SOLOMON IS NOTHING BUT A TWO-FACED LEECH!!

  4. It’s never good for Georgetown when the Orange win :(

  5. Not Mondays. We don’t have parties on Mondays.

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