ANC 3D to American: Stay out of sight

A menace to society.

On Monday, ANC 3D issued its ruling on the American University Campus Plan, with several conditions [PDF] that make our own ANC look downright reasonable by comparison.

AU is trying to build a new residence hall [PDF] on its East Campus to meet intense student demand and make use of its relatively spacious campus. Presently, almost a third of AU students live in off-campus housing, whereas only about 15 percent of Georgetown students live in Burleith or West Georgetown.

But neighbors want these new residents to stay out of sight and mind.

“Student residences should be built with windows that do not open to limit noise impacts on neighboring residents and with tinted windows that shield from residents’ views the type of window hangings that are characteristically found in the windows of AU’s student dorms.”

Specifically, the neighbors seem to want AU students to become C.H.U.D.‘s.

“Meeting space on the East Campus should either be eliminated or located underground to minimize the visual and noise impact on neighbors for this use of the site.”

And don’t even get them started on dreaded “student-serving retail”: It is “out of character” with the area and will “interfere with neighbors’ enjoyment of a primarily low-density residential neighborhood environment.”

And, for good measure, keep those dirty college students away from their poor children. AU will be required to “prevent use of the Horace Mann recreational space by AU students in order to preserve a quality neighborhood amenity for neighborhood residents and their young children.”

Keep in mind that AU, unlike Georgetown, has conceded to a mandatory enrollment cap of 10,600 persons. These ridiculous proposals are enough to make even the masses huddled in D.C. jail for 61D violations cry, “Whither Ron Lewis!”

13 Comments on “ANC 3D to American: Stay out of sight

  1. Lenore Rubino looks like a puppy compared to these people. Shoving students underground? Seriously? Not like an underground colony wouldn’t make for a good sci-fi film or anything, but that’s outrageous.

  2. Why don’t they ask for a change in mascot too?

    “The American Molepeople” rolls right off the tounge.

  3. This is simply unbelievable. Non-profit Universities are designed to serve the public good. They are not designed to be the communally owned property of the neighborhood they abut.

  4. Apparently every college student in this city has the same rights as a registered sex offender when it comes to going on public park property where children may be present.

  5. As a Moleperson, I am deeply disturbed by “Babs'” comment in that it objectifies my people and the strides we have made to continue our society. How dare you compare us to animals and non-existent “Hoyas” that are mascots currently. I’ll make sure to file a complaint to ANC 3D about this. Bigot.

  6. This has got to be a joke. These people can’t be serious. AU, like Georgetown, was there before any of these people were born. Sorry we aren’t sorry.

  7. I am extremely skeptical about this, it just sounds too ridiculous to be true.

    Shield the neighbors from window hangings? No way.

  8. For students off of campus – neighborhood complaints in some instances seem to also rack up. The community doesn’t want college students filling up houses around the University, but yet largely refuse AU efforts to expand their campus living facilities. Thank god for graduation.

  9. To Quote the late Senetor Byrd, “Barbaric…Barbaric…BARBARIC!…BARBARIC! Let that word resound from hill to hill! And from mountain to mountain! From Valley to Valley! Across this broad land…Barbaric, barbaric, may God help those poor souls…who would be so cruel…Barbaric! Hear Me! Barbaric!”

    RIP good sir

  10. We can’t park on “your” streets with out getting DOUBLE ticketed (which, is actually illegal), we can’t walk on “your” sidewalks past a certain hour, we can’t enjoy “your” parks, and we cant live in “your” houses? I’m sorry but if you wanted to live in an exclusive community with having to look down your noses at us, peasant college student “mole people”, then you should have moved to a gated community. Or maybe just not buy a house right next to a college campus. Sorry I’m sorry for living like a regular person.

  11. I think you forgot to mention the bars they want AU to put on all the windows and increased security staff in every corridor. You know, just to keep all the inmates in line.

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