This week in the Voice: Photo contest winners

This week, the winners of the Voice’s Photo Contest 2011 have their photos displayed in Features, with congrats to Keaton Bedell for the winning shot that graces the cover.

News reports on the poll troubles students faced trying to vote for the At-Large D.C. Council seat.

In Leisure, Nico Dodd profiles freshman rapper Tate Tucker and his new mixtape.

Sports profiles a rising star on the men’s lacrosse team, Travis Comeau.

In Voices, both those in favor and those against the Social Innovation and Public Service Fund present their cases.

Ed Board applauds the Endowment Commission’s recommendations for the $3.4 million Student Activities Fee.


3 Comments on “This week in the Voice: Photo contest winners

  1. As a point of clarification, is the piece in favor of SIPS by members of the Voice staff who are not on the Editorial Board? That seems atypical.

  2. Ah ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

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