ANC Wrap-up: Georgetown has gas problems

As far as ANC 2E meetings go, last night’s was uneventful and short. The few items on the agenda pertained to the placement of gas meters, Nevils construction, and proposed condominiums at the foot of the Exorcist stairs.

Residents makes a stink about Washington Gas

According to commissioner Ron Lewis, utility company Washington Gas has not been adhering to an agreement to install all gas meters inside of Georgetown houses.

“Those gas installations have great big pipes and they’re just not appropriate for a historic community,” Lewis said. “They look like something out of an oil field.”

Both commissioner Jeff Jones and another resident stated that in their experiences with the gas company, workmen insist on external installations unless residents aggressively push for indoor meters.

Washington Gas representative Hughey Battle defended the meters’s placement, citing safety concerns for workers and residents.

“When they can’t put in the special equipment, they’ll put it outside,” he said.

Battle’s colleague defended the company and informed the commission that the 2001 agreement only applied to the commercial area around M Street, although a later agreement was reached that extended the ban to all of Georgetown.

University and ANC commissions reach accord…

…on the Nevils construction project already in the works. Last month, University Vice President of External Affairs Linda Greenan requested a permit for the planned Nevils renovation this summer.

In exchange for the ANC agreeing to the University’s requested nighttime work hours, the University promised to send all trucks to the construction site through campus and to have two supervisors filing weekly reports to the community.

Residents worry about Key Bridge sightlines, Lauinger declines to comment.

Developers have been meeting with the ANC and the Old Georgetown Board with a proposal to construct modern-style condominiums at the base of the Exorcist stairs on M Street.

Resident Jack Davies summed up many people’s opposition to the project’s glass facade.”We think the kind of views you have from the Key Bridge are historic. Is this the face we want to put to the world?” Davis asked.

Another resident, Roger O’Malley, echoed the sentiment. “This is one of those projects that, five years from now, everyone in the world and everyone who cares about Georgetown will say, ‘How did that get by?'” he argued.

However, attendee Ken Archer dissented, pointing out that the condominiums will replace an unsightly gas station.

2 Comments on “ANC Wrap-up: Georgetown has gas problems

  1. Wow. Georgetown residents are such snobs. We, the students, are too, sometimes, but jeez.

  2. They currently say, how did a crappy expensive gas station and run down houses with boarded windows get put next to the exorcist stairs.

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