What Sucks: Forgotten, but back with a vengeance

So we forget to write about Tombs trivia names last week. We were there — promise! — but in the midst of hand-wringing about what’s offensive, what’s not, and a sudden need to try on habits, it slipped our mind. To make up for it, here’s a photo of a potbellied pig.

First place (the “fighting the pussification of America” memorial trophy): The number of times I thought my cab driver was Osama or Are you sure it wasn’t Cat Stevens? or Any of the other dozen bin Laden-themed names, really Like Jeff Dunham’s career, these should be buried far away from society forever and ever. It’s a good thing that the world’s less one scumbag, but that doesn’t excuse tired stereotypes.

Second place (the “whiny little bloggers” silver medal): If a tree falls on a woman and there’s no one there to hear it … wait why was a tree in the kitchen? The minds behind this name should go into advertising.

Runners-up (the “it’s called dark humor” consolation ribbon) How many drinks does it take to abort this baby? Is there anything particularly funny about this name? Or is just it a lazy ploy to get people to laugh at an uncomfortable topic? Call the exterminator this place is full of WASPs It’s a Catholic school, goof. My couch pulls out but I don’t Classy.

The “four years later and we’re still drinking in a basement” moment worth celebrating: A Tombs trivia night without any rape jokes. (Assuming, you know, you ignore the other crude names.) Progress!

14 Comments on “What Sucks: Forgotten, but back with a vengeance

  1. I really don’t care about these team names anymore, but holy shit, those vintage ads are ridiculous. No wonder Betty Friedan finally let it all out.

  2. Okay. You guys should also consider reporting vulgar language in freshmen common rooms too. Repeating this isn’t effective

  3. I think it is effective. I know I haven’t eaten at the Tombs since. I also gave them a really bad Yelp Review.

  4. Keep doing these. I get a good laugh each week from the names.

  5. Yeaah! You go Sophmo! I hope you enjoy being a puppet! Whatever makes yourself feel proud that you have accomplished something in your otherwise insignificant life!

  6. @sophmo

    i prefer to simply walk by and look away from the tombs sign. like you, i’m under the illusion that this accomplishes something.

  7. Tombs trivia names are the most pressing concerns facing Georgetown? Really? There aren’t any more compelling news stories out there that Vox could be reporting on? This is getting old.

    Also, which do you think is more likely: 1.) The people making these trivia team names you find offensive read these repetitive stories, convert to a lemming-like mentality of Political Correctness, and start picking boring names, or 2.) This fires them up more and they work even harder to come up with the most absurd and provocative name possible in the hopes of getting one of these awards.

  8. I’m pretty sure I’m the loudest feminist in the room, but your silver medal is hilarious.

  9. Not sure how effective this is. No less than three tables this past week, and numerous in previous weeks, have tried to think of offensive team names in response to this column.

  10. We can report the names all we want, but what’s actually going to change that?
    (And if even more people are now thinking of offensive names, as indicated above, or enjoying this column as humor, can we seriously think about WHY?)

  11. @ sd352:

    Why? Because they’re funny. Next.

  12. You and I obviously have different ideas of “humor”. Next.

  13. As I said last time, none of you blowhards seem like anyone I’d be interested in having a beer with.

  14. That’s why this entire blog always promotes Whats After Dark? events… duhh

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