Hoya roster takes another hit with Benimon transfer

The Georgetown Hoyas are potentially looking at a season without a single junior on the team after head coach John Thompson III announced forward Jerrelle Benimon would be transferring yesterday. Benimon follows in the footsteps of classmates Vee Sanford, who decided to transfer last month, and Hollis Thompson, who declared for the NBA draft two weeks ago.

Benimon, a local product from Fauquier High School in Warrenton, Va., appeared in all 32 games for the Hoyas this season, averaging 10.3 minutes. The sophomore posted averages of  1.3 points and 1.8 rebounds per game.

“Jerrelle is transferring and although he has not announced where he will go, wherever it is, we wish him all of the best,” Coach Thompson said in a statement.

Benimon marks the sixth transfer from Georgetown since the end of the 2008 season. This spring’s sophomore exodus is somewhat reminiscent of the Class of 2010, which saw Jeremiah Rivers and Vernon Macklin transfer in 2008 and lost DaJuan Summers to the draft in 2009. Their exits left Georgetown without a senior on the roster for the 2009-2010 season.

All eyes now turn to Hollis Thompson, who has until May 8 to withdraw his name from the draft and return to school. With Thompson scheduled to participate in the NBA draft combine on Saturday, don’t expect a decision until the last minute, but for what it’s worth, some “NBA decision-makers” reportedly expect him to return to school.

6 Comments on “Hoya roster takes another hit with Benimon transfer

  1. wish him well. brought serious hustle and toughness. Its probably best for both parties. good luck benimonster.

  2. “takes a hit” may be a bit of a stretch… more like takes a subtle love tap, or takes a minor inconvenience.

    Sure it doesn’t look great to have that many kids roll out like that, but I can honestly say I’m not that butthurt over losing the less talented Rivers child, Macklin (who somehow expected to get minutes playing behind two future NBA draft picks), Omar (aside from the obvious upside of let’s get Wattaded cheers), Nikita (master of the botched inbound play), and now two kids who combine for 3.7 ppg.

  3. Yeah, honestly this is a blessing. Opens up another roster spot for next years recruiting class and gets rid of maybe the worst division 1 basketball player I have ever seen. I’d be less blunt if he wasn’t such an asshole. Unfortunately for Thirds and Rhino they are definitely going to miss his business, especially on nights we lost or nights before games. Maybe if he wasn’t so focused on going out and spent at least some time practicing how to dribble and walk at the same time his position wouldn’t have been the focus of JTIII’s recruiting this year. Hoya Saxa, good luck in Division 3 Jerrelle.

  4. Yeah def not a hit – if anything it’s a good thing.

  5. Yeah hopefully it will give Jason Clark more of a leadership role and give more potential stars like Markel playing time (and work on his defense!!!)

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