Prefroshes say the darndest things

With another year come and gone, many are looking to the future. The days of SAT, AP, and GAAP may be behind us all, but Vox has descended into the bowels of Georgetown-related Facebook pages to see what the incoming class has to offer. Courtesy of prefroshes with a sense of humor is our newest periodic feature: Prefroshes say the darndest things!

Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

The Class of 2015 has a keen fashion sense.

Incoming freshman have a strong sense of Georgetown tradition.

They also seem to have their priorities in order.

6 Comments on “Prefroshes say the darndest things

  1. Great! Now the Vox kids can start judging and making fun of their fellow Hoyas before they even get to Georgetown! God, I hope none of these high school seniors makes a joke about anything that offends Vox’s sensibilities.

  2. But at least it’s anonymous! Now the only ones who know the identity of the high school seniors (who of course should be held responsible for everything they say on Facebook) being mocked are Mr. Flanagan, who Facebook says is marginally older than the subjects of his scorn, and the lucky students themselves. I love the marketing strategy, screw prefroshes, this blog is for REAL Hoyas. Also, FWIW the “newest periodic feature” gimmick is getting old.

  3. This is a great feature. @Tim and @Not Greg Monroe clearly don’t have a sense of humor. We’ve all said things like this, fantasizing about parties that rage on till the early morning with alcohol flowing freely. It takes me back to how excited I was to go to college. Forget the critics and keep posting new stuff like this.

  4. I love the facebook group, and I love this article. Nothing like seeing how the naive expectations of my peers will meet up with the realities of college. But still, if it were up to me, and my parents weren’t actually expecting me to do something at college in exchange for 58k a year, I’d watch the West Wing and party hard. In that order.

  5. Prefrosh, I like you. We can be friends.

    And I’m with Great Stuff on this one — I think it’s a terrific “column.” I remember joining the Facebook group for my incoming class and being one of the more frequent posters on it as well. And, actually, I DID make a few friends from that group before I even arrived on campus that became “real” friends once I got here! Keep it up, Vox. (Although Not Greg Monroe has a point, you guys introduce some kind of new “semi-weekly” feature just about every week.)

  6. This is one of the best features I’ve seen. Legit. Speaking as another past frequent poster (probably of stupid posts filled with grandeur), I love it. Keep it up, please.

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