Orange asks Zoning Commission to veto 2010 Campus Plan

On Monday, newly-elected Councilman Vincent Orange (D-At-Large) wrote the Zoning Commission to ask them to reject Georgetown University’s 2010 Campus Plan.

The councilman also added his support to the ANC 2E and Office of Planning demand that the University house 100 percent of its undergraduates on campus.

“I urge the Zoning Commission to assure that any plan adopted by Georgetown University for 2010-2020 protects the nearby communities fully,” Orange wrote. “I support the position taken by ANC 2E in this case including the key request, recommended by the Office of Planning as well, that the University provide sufficient beds so that all of the University’s undergrads can be housed on campus.”

Throughout his campaign for the D.C. Council seat, Orange maintained strong ties with the ANC and other Georgetown community organizations. Hope Solomon, daughter of ANC 2E Vice-Chairman Ed Solomon, held a fundraiser for Orange last month.

“I know what happens when students move into the community,” Orange said in a February candidate forum. “It’s parties every single day.”

The full letter is after the jump.

h/t Georgetowner [Editors Note: Nico Dodd is a former Vox Editor]

8 Comments on “Orange asks Zoning Commission to veto 2010 Campus Plan

  1. *bangs head*

    These idiots are going to ruin this university.

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  3. I hate the term “protecting the community” as if the school is somehow easily divided from “the community”. Who actually wants 100% of students housed on campus? Not the businesses, not the landlords, not metro, not the university, nor the students themselves. The insults just keep plying on.

  4. Georgetown University was established in 1789, before most homes were built, and will exist long after everyone in the community has passed. Seems a lot more like we should be protecting Georgetown from the community.

  5. I wish I could party every single day. Instead I study.

  6. Ah Vincent Orange, a man more craven than even Jack Evans. Certain groups use the Citrus Man as a useful idiot as long as he entertains fanciful notions of running for mayor (Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown being too badly damaged in the eyes of many), all the while he thinks he’s using them. Meanwhile, the reality is that Orange is a former lobbyist for one of the most hated brands in the DC area (Pepco) who has a fetish for the color denoted by his last name (see Jura Koncius’s piece in the Washington Post, searchable on Lexis) and changes sides like a girl changes clothes (thanks Katy Perry!). Ask him where he stands on same-sex marriage and watch him twist in the wind, following the currents of whatever group he’s speaking to.

    Plus, there’s this:

    In February, those orange-and-blue “Vincent Orange for Mayor” signs caused him a bit of embarrassment at the then-MCI (now Verizon) Center, where Georgetown was playing Syracuse in basketball. Students from Syracuse, aka the Orange, showed up at the game with several dozen of Orange’s trademark signs and waved them every time their team scored.

    The candidate was horrified. “I’m a graduate of Georgetown,” Orange says. (He has a master of laws degree in taxation from Georgetown University Law Center.) “They will think I’m a traitor.”

    Don’t worry Vince, you’ve more than proven that you’re a traitor to the University.

    If Vincent Orange lived in Prince George’s County, he would be standing alongside Jack Johnson in court right about now.

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