Georgetown names Harvard Business School professor as new MSB dean

David A. Thomas, a professor of business administration and former associate dean of Harvard Business School, has been appointed dean of the McDonough School of Business, according to an email sent by university president John DeGioia. Professor Thomas’s appointment is effective August 1, when he will succeed outgoing dean George Daly.

“A recognized thought leader in the area of strategic human resource management, Dean Thomas’s research addresses issues related to executive development, cultural diversity in organizations, leadership and organizational change,” DeGioia wrote.

Professor Thomas earned a B.A. in administrative sciences as well as an M.A. and doctorate in philosophy from Yale. In addition, he earned an M.A. in organizational psychology from Columbia, according to his Harvard faculty profile.

The university announcement of  Thomas’s appointment notes that the professor has served on the faculty of Harvard Business School since 1990. During his tenure, Thomas has served in roles including associate dean, director of faculty recruitment, and faculty chair of the school’s Executive Education Program. Prior to joining Harvard’s faculty, Thomas was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance.

3 Comments on “Georgetown names Harvard Business School professor as new MSB dean

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  2. “as well as an M.A. and doctorate in philosophy from Yale.” Wow, read much? That’s not what his profile says on the Harvard page. It says “Doctor of Philosophy” which is to say PhD. That refers to the degree type, not the discipline.

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