Like Georgetown, AU makes last minute campus plan concessions

On Friday, American University submitted last minute revisions [PDF] to its 2010-2020 campus plan before the Zoning Commission, including removing 180 beds from new residence hall [PDF] on its East Campus and eliminating street-facing windows in the new building.

East Campus was originally projected to house 1,000 students, but now only 590 new beds will be built after a number of voluntary reductions.

AU will recoup some of the latest losses by adding 150 beds to Nebraska Hall – another dorm scheduled to be built under this plan – but there will still be intense student demand for more housing. Almost a third of students live off-campus and the university does not guarantee housing for sophomores. At Georgetown, only around 15 percent of students live off-campus.

Also, AU agreed to orient the windows on these new residences so that they will not face the street. This comes after ANC demands that windows on any new dorms not have the ability to open.

“Student residences should be built with windows that do not open to limit noise impacts on neighboring residents and with tinted windows that shield from residents’ views the type of window hangings that are characteristically found in the windows of AU’s student dorms,” reads ANC 3D’s report on the AU campus plan.

Finally, the campus plan revision changes the “projected enrollment” to a mandatory overall “cap” of 13,600 students and 2,900 faculty and staff.

Perhaps AU have better luck than Georgetown, which submitted its own campus plan revisions in April. Georgetown agreed to add 250 more beds in response to neighborhood demands for more on-campus housing, but these concessions were met with demands that the University house 100 percent of its undergraduates on campus.

AU’s campus plan will have its first hearing on June 9th.

h/t Washington City Paper

3 Comments on “Like Georgetown, AU makes last minute campus plan concessions

  1. AU students are also asked to wear sackcloth and shout “Unclean!” when walking along Nebraska Ave.

  2. Some factual corrections to this story. Nebraska Hall already exists, and the addition to Nebraska Hall has been in the campus plan since the beginning. The beds that are being shifted off of East Campus are being added to an expanded plan for North Hall, on the traditional main campus for AU. Nebraska Hall is not part of the traditional main campus, located on the other side of Massachusetts Avenue than the rest of the campus. The window situation on East Campus has been updated so that the housing developments behind won’t have views… the windows will still be facing the street. There is no street between the current Nebraska Avenue parking lot (the proposed East Campus) and the housing developments that have been making the most noise against the plan. Also, AU has always, and maintains the position that all freshman and sophomore will be given on-campus housing. They continue to not guarantee housing to students after they have completed four semesters on campus.

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