You know you want to write for Vox this summer

Mr. T wants YOU to write for Vox this summer

Okay, beloved student readers, commenters, and trolls. We’ve given you a whole week since the end of finals to relax, unwind, and get yourselves acclimated to summer laziness. And hopefully, by now you’ve come to a realization: Without schoolwork and the distractions of living with thousands of your peers, summer can get pretty boring.

What’s the cure for boredom? Writing for Vox, of course!

With Sam and I having gone home to our different corners of the country for the summer, John’s the only one holding down the blogging fort in D.C. But wherever you are in the country (or world!), we still need some blog help this summer. We’ve got features to do (new ones coming soon!), campus plan fiascoes to cover, and, of course, lots of opportunities to get ourselves on other news blogs.

If you’re interested in joining the summer Vox team, which by now all of you should be, email

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