Georgetown misspells “facsimile,” ugh

If you remember this past weekend, Georgetown University Commencement books had the word “University” misspelled as “Univeristy.” If you can believe it, the madcap antics would not stop there. Washington City Paper noted this Monday that in the University’s letter apologizing for the error, the word “facsimile” is misspelled with an “ie” at the end.

One commenter pointed out that six linguists in the Georgetown University Linguistics Department developed the first spell-check system for IBM during the 1970s. Alas, one of these linguists still works in the department. This leads us to wonder if the department has shared their system with any other administrators.

According to City Desk, on Monday, Georgetown spokeswoman Rachel Pugh said fewer than 100 people have called to request a corrected program.

h/t and photo: Washington City Paper

4 Comments on “Georgetown misspells “facsimile,” ugh

  1. “If the professors of English will complain to me that the students who come to the universities, after all those years of study, still cannot spell “friend,” I say to them that something’s the matter with the way you spell friend.” – RP Feynman

  2. Okay, we’ve had our fun, let’s avoid feeling the need to point out every typo the University makes, especially in relatively fine print like this. Lord knows that if we combed over every word of your or my communication, there would be plenty of misspelled material. When it’s on a highly visible front page for a major program, fine. But this is just mean.

  3. @Doug

    Normally, I would agree with you. HOWEVER, it’s not like this was in a random letter. It was in a letter specifically apologizing for the previous mistake. It’s like being in a six-feet-deep hole and asking for a shovel.

    If I were sending out an apology letter for making a monumentally embarrassing mistake, I would double check to make sure that the apology letter was mistake-free. Hell, I would quadruple check.

    Now excuse me while I quadruple check this comment for any spelling errors. Because karma pretty much guarantees that I made one.

  4. If you saw the actual letter, you would see that it was on pre-printed university letterhead.

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