Cheh proposes seizing University in joke memo

Like last year, Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) released a series of “humorous” budget proposals to lighten the mood as the D.C. Council begins tough budget negotiations this week.

This time, however, Cheh seems to be digging her own trenches into “Battleground Burleith.”

As if actually declaring war our sugary beverages wasn’t enough, among the items in Tuesday’s facetious memo are replacing all packaged food with broccoli in vending machines across the District and seizing three of the city’s universities.

“The Committee takes notice that the ten-year review of the campus plans of Georgetown University, American University and the University of the District of Columbia has caused far too much community discord in the District of Columbia,” the report reads.

“Therefore, the Committee recommends that the government of the District of Columbia…hereby condemns and seizes all land and the physical structures located therein of the above mentioned Universities.”

Under the “plan,” Georgetown University would become a Metro station; American University, a dog park; and UDC, a strip mall.

Although this memo is a joke, Cheh – unlike Councilman Jack Evans, who actually represents the area around the University – went out of her way to testify against the 2010 Campus Plan at the May 12 meeting of the Zoning Commission. She particularly opposes the GUTS loop road because residents of her district might be able to see or hear the busses from across Glover-Archibold Park on the western end of campus.

Cheh is also known for her support of a payment-in-lieu-of-tax arrangement for universities and other nonprofits.

h/t DCist

10 Comments on “Cheh proposes seizing University in joke memo

  1. Her lack of professionalism astounds me. This was probably done on the taxpayers’ time and dime, I’m glad to see councilwoman Cheh has solved all of DC’s other problems. Also her joke of having a metro station in GTown is actually her greatest fear. Heaven forbid the riff raff from the rest of DC have convenient access to the Georgetown/ Foxhall area. That is why she opposes the loop road.

  2. Heaven forfend people see buses!

  3. I think CM Cheh is on the right path. GU closed its dental school, sold off its hospital. Why not sell off the rest of the campus (except, of course, the Jesuit residences and cemetery) and move the “educational” facilities to some place out in the mid-west. I hear there is a lot of land around Joplin, Missouri, which can be had for a song. And I’ll bet nobody would complain about students living off-campus. They could probably use the help on their farms, which in itself would be an educational experience.

  4. Actually, Yea!, at least one resident has already suggested exhuming the cemetery…so don’t count on keeping the Jesuits around.

  5. And we wonder why the federal government isn’t wholly supportive of budget autonomy…for once I agree that until these antics become a thing of the past, we need some type of oversight.

  6. Will someone – anyone – run against Cheh? Not only is she by far the nuttiest member on the council (and that’s saying something), but if she thinks we’ve forgotten about how she stabbed Fenty in the back, she’s sorely mistaken.

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