Georgetown and Syracuse alumni to square off at Beer Pong

Remember how mad you were when the Orange edged us out on our own home ground in February? Well, we may not have any control over our point guards breaking their valuable appendages, but here’s something we non-athlete Hoyas can win at for ourselves: Beer Pong.

According Big Apple Orange, a New York-based Syracuse alumni website, our rivals are throwing down the gauntlet, and inviting any available and up-for-the-challenge Hoyas to a single-elimination-style Beer Pong tournament on June 11 at New York Roadhouse Duke’s.

At $60 per team, the entry fee is a little steep, but that includes bottomless free beer. If you’re not so good at Beer Pong but want to come by and hang out with some Syracuse alums anyway (which…why would you ever?), everyone’s welcome to come by and spectate.

And bonus points to any alum who dresses like this. It may be Beer Pong, but it’s still just as important to juice the Orange.

H/T Casual Hoya, photo from Bleacher Report.


6 Comments on “Georgetown and Syracuse alumni to square off at Beer Pong

  1. You should definitely recruit in Burleith, Those Hoyas are said to be well practiced.

  2. We know you’re a neighbor due to your excessive capitalization (“Those”) in the middle of a sentence and general lack of cogent grammar. Please attend to your desk/cubicle as you have about two more hours remaining in this glorious workday.

  3. Read title as Georgetown and Syracuse to play each other at Beer Pong in Alumni Square.


  4. has the upper hand. We are a less boozy crowd #halfthekidsiknowsecretlystudylateonfridaynights.

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