Free for All: Films & Food

As if free cupcakes and tickets to the Newseum are not enough, a plethora of other free events in D.C. have been announced recently, and are definitely worth a sojourn out of the bubble.

Outdoor Movie Night

Entitled “Best of the Oscars,” every Thursday night through July 28th the Capital Riverfront outdoor movie series will deliver some of Hollywood’s best. The events also feature food trucks, popcorn, cotton candy and sorbet, but do not forget to bring along your own bug spray. This week’s film is The Blind Side, and films begin at 8:45 p.m. To get there, the best way is to take the Green Line to Navy Yard.

Geek out, Alex Trebek Style

If you need some incentive to head over to the National Archives, this Thursday the Archivist of the United States will be hosting food-themed jeopardy and awarding prizes to promote their new exhibit, What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?, which explores the way the government affects the diet of the American people. Are there any other history major foodies out there?! If so, take the Yellow line to the Archives/Navy Memorial station.

Portuguese, Please

This Thursday, the Embassy of Brazil wraps up its 4th Annual “Brazil Docs” at the E Street Cinema. You can browse the schedule and trailers here. The decisions will be tough though, as the acclaimed documentaries run every 2 hours and all look promising. To get there, take the 32 bus from Wisconsin Avenue.

Photo from Coffee for the Brain.

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  1. how the government AFFECTS the diet of the american people

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