Missed connection: poor decision edition

On today’s edition of Georgetown Missed Connections, we bring you not one but two stories from everyone’s favorite trashy Georgetown club, Thirds. The fake IDs may be gone…but the class remains. Will this column be up to its usual standards, or just unfunny and half-assed? (It’s a trick question, of course – the answer is both.)

I appreciate this man’s attempt to literally interpret the phrase, “sweep him off his feet.”

“I wanted to dump the beer, but a bro’s gotta do what a bro’s gotta do.”

Seriously, not one but two Craigslisters from Third’s on the same night? Or perhaps it’s the same guy opening his Missed Connections net a bit wider?

Dude, it’s a very bad sign when it takes me less than 30 seconds to rearrange your Craigslist post back into what was clearly breakup poetry:

It won’t be the same….

by mfw

Not seeing your smile everyday or
Talking with you about anything.
I will regret everytime that I didn`t
Tell you about my feelings towards you.

I wish the best luck to u and I hope
To see that pretty smile of yours again.

4 Comments on “Missed connection: poor decision edition

  1. If you’re 38 and still going to Third E’s you should probably just jump off the Key Bridge.

  2. How can the guy from the third post say that the “club was terrible”??? Third’s is God’s gift to humankind.

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