2010 Campus Plan – Sixth Hearing

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  1. Has anyone taken a minute to flip through the voluminous record posted online at the ZC website? (search for Case #10-32, click on view details, and then click on the “view full log” button) Some of the letters in opposition are out of this world. For example, one resident (exhibit 263, name omitted so as to avoid accusations of intimidation or worse) refers to Georgetown students as “human rodents.” That’s just the start of the ugly name calling and vitriol brought to bear by the concerned citizens of Georgetown and Burleith. Some of the letters describe legitimate concerns, but others demonstrate how out of touch with reality the neighbors are. Exhibit 167, for example, provides a list of heinous “incidents” involving those god forsaken human rodents, including (and these are direct quotes):

    “Friday, February 18,2011. 4:30pm. Neighbors (at least one woman and one man) on men’s porch at 1934, talking about how the police just asked them to put their dogs on leashes when in the park and outside generally.”

    “May 17th, around 7 pm. I place an “our homes” sign in my front garden. One of the “problem” women from next door is sitting on her front steps, talking on her cell phone. She glares at me in a challenging manner while I am in my garden, but says nothing. I note that she only makes comments when she is with other people with whom she feels safe.”

    “May 21,9:30 pm. Woman with white dog from 1930 sits with Eric (renter from 1934) and another girl at his downstairs bench, audibly talking past 10 pm. As my partner and I walk up they become quiet and stare at us as we walk past. When my partner leaves and the woman’s white dog barks at him, she says to the dog, “No no, that’s not the cop caller.” My partner returns to my door at 10 pm and I leave with him. As we walk out of my driveway the same woman says either, “good luck!” or “bye!” We are unable to catch the exact phrase, but this is another example of her antagonistic behavior.”

    The only heartening thing about the voluminous record? The number of positive letters from people unaffiliated with the University calling out their neighbors on their outrageous accusations and their absolutely unreasonable demands.

  2. Let’s put it on Vox and call it “Shit My Neighbor Says”

  3. Put them on campus. Better for the community and for the students.

  4. In Stephen Brown’s presentation (exhibit 226), his note pages are included. His notes for slide 15 include “Unless the University divests it’s endowment of military holdings specifically in Israel, the city should withdraw their tax-exempt status “null and void”. By using our bonds, they involve us financially and not so spiritually in their military investments.” Really? That’s your argument against GU? We’re pro-Israel?

  5. I’m still most concerned with Brown’s continued butchering of the grammar and punctuation associated with correct English. Remember, he ended up in Burleith because he took a faculty position at American!

    And frankly, we don’t need “Shit My Neighbor Says” – why waste the effort when we already have Beltway Greg, Stephen Brown, old Burleither, et al posting live?

  6. Letters in support from:

    -Several DCPS public schools
    -Martin’s Tavern
    -The Department of the Interior

    Meanwhile, letters in opposition come from lobbyists like Vincent Orange and garden-variety Burleith kooks. Obviously, GU is on the side of the angels.

  7. Putting all of the undergrads on campus should be a priority. Common sense says that most 18-years-olds are not mature enough to live off campus. It’s better for their grades and for their social lives. Time to put down the bong and the beer and grab an Arnold Palmer and some Lorna Doones. They should have more mixers where all of the “Little Monsters” can go on Friday nights after they’ve finished their homework. Time to get serious about life. America has enough passengers, we need a few more drivers. Paws up!

  8. @Beltway Greg: “Common sense says that most 18-years (sic) -olds are not mature enough to live off campus.” News flash! Freshman and Sophomores (ie, the 18 year olds) do live on campus.

  9. Strangely enough, my grades (and social life) were better the year I *did* live off-campus. Of course, I wasn’t 18 by that point.

  10. @Beltway Greg

    I prefer rum-soaked ladyfingers.

  11. I mean all undergrads. Some of you may be mature enough but you’re definitely the exception to the rule. And it’s time for the university to enforce a dress code. Young ladies may wear conservative slacks and dresses that touch the knee. No skinny jeans. Gents must wear neckties at all times and no jean type pants. Remember, only date those that would make a good mate.

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