Campus Plan negotiations extended until November

On Monday night, the D.C. Zoning Commission voted 5-0 to allow the University until November 17 to bargain with the D.C. Department of Transportation and neighborhood groups on the details of its 2010 Campus Plan.

This move would push back final ruling on the University’s ten-year land-use plan – which it must get approved to continue lawful operation – to December or even next year.

“I think that I will be moving by that time,” Burleith resident Stephen R. Brown complained.

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission, the Burleith Citizen’s Association, and the Citizen’s Association of Georgetown opposed the continuance on the grounds that it would allow the University to continue increasing enrollment and thereby exacerbate the adverse impacts to their community. The University countered that enrollment was already set for the fall semester.

University representatives filed for the continuance late last week in order to cajole DDOT into reversing its negative ruling on the campus plan. The agency’s May 5 report criticized the University for inadequately studying the traffic impacts of a new left-turn signal at the Canal Road entrance and a realigned 38th Street.

DDOT also wanted the University to stave off any increases in net vehicle trips and provide an M Street GUTS bus route on weekend nights.

The next Zoning Commission hearing is set for 6:30 p.m. on November 17. The record has been closed to public comment and testimony at the hearing will be limited to DDOT’s final ruling and closing statements from the University and neighborhood groups.

7 Comments on “Campus Plan negotiations extended until November

  1. Students of Georgetown, organize, register, and vote these people out.

  2. And consider reaching out to your neighbors this fall when you move in…a little will go a long way. Take the upper hand and introduce yourselves!

  3. “I think that I will be moving by that time,” Burleith resident Stephen R. Brown complained.

    Bummer…he’s such a great guy, it will be hard to lose him from this fine community.

  4. I know. We could really use him at graduation…I’m sure my sister got tired of taking all of those pictures for me of mostly people she didn’t know.

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