Missed Connections: Grasping for the Facebook Threshold edition

Today, I introduce Vox’s readers to my latest postulate: the Facebook threshold. It’s a fairly simple concept, in theory – if by the end of a social encounter one hasn’t gathered enough personal information to find a given romantic target on Facebook, it’s probably not going anywhere.

It’s a theory that helps explain why we like Missed Connections so much: charming or creepy, Georgetown Missed Connections represent earnest (if often misguided attempts) to take a running, shouting leap over that threshold, Nattie in hand – and for that, we must salute their posters.

Because God forbid one might do something unclassy. Good thing we have Craigslist!

Don’t do it! It’s a trap! Note the sampling habits and consider who will wind up paying for that drink, or drinks.

Not to assume bad intentions, but maybe he looked back because it looked like you were following him?

…perhaps a dog that was or will be prominently featured on Vox Pupuli! (Am I helping a Craigslister find his desired one? Perhaps, but principles<shameless self promotion.)

Here we return back to our Threshold theory: “[…] blue shirt and shorts. Glasses.” simply doesn’t really cut it here.


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