Popular gay night club closed

Apex, an 18+ gay night club near Dupont Circle, closed its doors for the final time on Saturday, according to the Washington Blade.

The club was popular among Georgetown students because it waived the cover charge for college students on Thursday nights.

“It was an enormously important fixture in gay life at Georgetown,” J.C. Hodges (SFS ’11), former treasurer of GU Pride, said. “It not only provided a free and open space for gay and questioning students, but also a common experience for the community that even alumni bring up with affection.”

Many employees were only notified today that the locks on the 28 year-old establishment had been changed.

“I knew it was for sale and it would be closing eventually but we didn’t have a closing date,” Joey Oldaker, general manager at the club since 1993, told the Blade. “None of us knew it was coming as quickly as it did.”

Owner Glen Thompson, who also runs the Dupont Circle-area gay bar Omega, declined to comment on the closing. Oldaker told the Blade that Omega will remain open.

h/t Washington Blade, Photo by NCinDC

2 Comments on “Popular gay night club closed

  1. Thursday nights just got (more) lonely. I guess I’ll have to resort to those ads promising “hot singles in your area.”

  2. So, what are all these obnoxious drunk freshmen girls gonna do on Thursday nights?

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