Hoyas dominate list of top congressional staffers

[Editor’s Note: Chris Heller, the author of this slideshow, is a former Vox editor]

Of the 319 top congressional staffers profiled in the National Journal‘s Hill People 2011, Georgetown University tops the list at ten. Second place Yale took only seven spots.

Three work for Democrats in the Senate, while most have jobs with the Republican majority in the House. Neil Bradley (COL ’98), policy director for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), is the most senior on the list. The most senior staffer is Barry Jackson, a graduate of the University of Iowa.

Georgetown’s congressional bona fides are well known: Six current senators and twelve representatives, including three freshmen, graduated from the University.

Last election cycle, Vox highlighted the Georgetown alums running for Congress. Among the 21 that were in the race, fifteen won.

7 Comments on “Hoyas dominate list of top congressional staffers

  1. I’m a little surprised the Hoyas on the hill skew as republican as they do. Does this include all schools?

    (What are congresspersons’ school stats overall? Where do we fall on that list?)

  2. Considering how Cantor and the republicans have acted lately if I were Neil Bradley I might consider jumping ship as Cantor has just inherited Bachmann’s mantle as the Tea Party wunderkind. Either resign or get fitted for a hood.


  4. I think that’s Jon Stewart. John Stewart is the recently deceased member of the 60s folk rock trio the Kingston Trio. He is best know for his late 70s hit “Gold” featuring Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. His back catalogue is incredible. Check it out on YouTube.

  5. I second Beltway Greg – John Stewart (the musician) had some fantastic songs.

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