Free for All: Virginia ain’t for haters

This is what Virginia does to haters

Virginia really is more than the state where the Rosslyn Metro station lives! Check below for some free activities where you can get your kicks in the Old Dominion State.

Comedy central

Looking for some inspiration for the weekend? Animal House, at the Rosslyn Outdoor Movie Festival this Friday, July 29, is sure to provide plenty of party cues and creative ideas for all those ready to engage in serious debauchery this weekend.

Located just steps across Key Bridge at Arlington Gateway Park, the film festival serves up comedies weekly, all in keeping with this summer’s theme “SNL in the Movies.” The lineup for the next few weeks includes Hot Rod, Mean Girls, Night at the Roxbury and Shrek, with all features starting at dusk. If you are not held up at Dixie on the way, head over early for pre-show games and prizes.

Old Town, new Art

If you are hoping for a more cultured excuse to cross the river, head on over to Old Town Alexandria’s Art League to catch Frances Borchardt‘s “Prints in Pieces” exhibit  before it closes August 1. Employing an atypical, printer’s style display method, this photographer’s work features Maryland’s South Shore in a unique montage format.

The Art League is located at Old Town’s picturesque waterfront, a day trip-worthy location accessible via Metro. See here for other Alexandria activities and museums, such as the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

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