Greg Monroe leaves his wallet on Prospect, finds it via fellow students and Twitter

In the old days, if you were walking down your block and happened upon the lost wallet of a professional basketball player, you might have some difficulty returning it. Where would you find him? How would you get in contact? Why would you bother, when you could wait for his career to fully take off and then sell his defunct driver’s license on Ebay?

Luckily for Greg Monroe, former Hoya center and current player for the Detroit Pistons, Georgetown students are both good-hearted and socially networked. When Ed Shehwen (COL ’12) found a wallet outside his Prospect Street house during the last week of July and discovered that it belonged to the NBA player, he took right to Twitter to get it back to its rightful owner. Shehwen’s friend, Georgetown graduate Chris Scribner (COL ’11), sent multiple tweets to an incredulous Monroe in attempt to convince him that he was no prankster, and that he did in fact have the basketballer’s lost wallet. Included in this series were a picture of Monroe’s driver’s license and an honest expression of his good intent: “come to [house number] prospect man I’m tryin to get you paid.”

“I was fired up when I found the wallet,” Shehwen wrote in an email. “I thought it’d be cool to meet him.”

And meet him he did. Monroe paid a visit to the boys to retrieve what was his, an encounter in which Shehwen said that he “acted pretty much like any NBA player would around a bunch of college students.”

Although Monroe offered the boys no reward for their troubles, he, of course, took to hashtagging to express his gratitude: “huge s/o to @CScribs and his friends! #superclutch,” he tweeted after the wallet’s safe return.

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